Our free Slack community of tech startup leaders and ecosystem!
This community is designed to help entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide connect, share advice, and ask questions around the Tunisian Ecosystem of Startups and its connections to the world.
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mission and goals
The Tunisian HUB aims to Reunite the Tunisian Ecosystem along with Tunisian Diaspora into one distraction free real time chat forum around tech startups in Tunisia.


We also try to offer a “window shopper” to international actors over the Tunisian ecosystem and its specifics and be a bridge of connection between any potential collaboration parties across startup ecosystems.


community guidelines
Be Respectful
Always be supportive and helpful to fellow community members. Treat others the way you’d like to be Treated. Help us keep this space as welcoming and inclusive as it can be.
No Selling
Even though self promotion is allowed, we'd appreciate that this sticks to the allowed space and that the community remains a space of sharing knowledge , not generating leads. Do not contact a member without their explicit permission.
Actively Participate
The quality and relevance of the community relies entirely on you. Always feel free to Ask questions, answer question, spark a conversation. We encourage you to help lead the conversation !
Stay consistent
An easy Rule: one topic, one message , one channel.. We encourage you to keep the conversation in the right channel. (for the sake of everyone ! )